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China Plastic Cap Manufacturers Are Your Solid Backing

In the Pet Preform injection molding process, a relatively cold mold is filled under pressure by injecting a predetermined amount of heated and plasticized material, which is formed into a female mold of the part to be produced. The injected material solidifies and after further cooling for a period of time, the mold is opened and the product is removed.
The following is a description of the main stages of the process carried out on a horizontal plunger injection molding machine. The process from material to finished product is as follows:
The granules are loaded into the hopper of the measuring or metering device above the injection unit. A predetermined amount of material falls from the hopper to the front of the plunger. This material charge is pushed forward by the plunger so that it first deposits on the injection plunger and then deposits in front of the injection plunger after the injection plunger is withdrawn.
As the injection plunger moves forward, it forces the material through the plunger guide into the heated cylinder in the cylinder, the outer surface of which is heated by the resistive heating strip and the material becomes thermoplastically molten. The dilator in the cylinder even helps to heat the material as it passes through the cylinder. Such spreaders or torpedoes are also well known to press the material against the hot inner wall of the cylinder.
As the continuous stroke of the injection plunger forces the material through the heating cylinder, its consistency changes until it is in a uniform molten state at the front of the cylinder, ready for injection. The melt is forced into the mold through the injection nozzle. This operation is also called shooting, and the injection speed is adjusted to suit the materials and components used, called the shooting speed.
The mold clamped or bolted in the injection molding machine consists mainly of two halves; one component is mounted on a fixed platen and one component is mounted on a moving platen.
Material passes from the injection nozzle through the fixed side of the sprue bushing or mold in the nozzle. It is then assigned to the cavity through interconnecting channels or “flow channels”. When the cooling time elapses, the mold opens and the part (T) is ejected from the moving mold half by the ram. When the mold approaches the fully open position, the ram is operated by the ejector tail hitting the stroke limit screw.
Therefore, the injection cycle can be divided into five phases as follows:
The amount of particles corresponding to one or more cavity volumes is measured in front of the injection plunger.
This material melts in the heating cylinder to a consistency suitable for injection.
The molten material is injected into a closed and relatively cold mold.
Cool the injected material to the freezing point.
Open the mold and remove the product.
Choosing a China Plastic Cap Manufacturers  with professional research in injection molding will be the most solid backing in your mold making process.

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