China Plastic Handle Manufacturers Injection Molding Cost Savings

In the debonding stage of Pet Preform injection molding, the green part is immersed in a water bath to remove the adhesive that has entered the part matrix. When cross-linked, the de-bonded green portion is exposed to ultraviolet light, and the UV-curable adhesive is used together with the plastic powder.
Once the debonding phase is complete, place the part into the furnace and heat it to above 2000 degrees Fahrenheit. This process is called sintering and fuses plastic parts into a solid shape. Finally, the sintered part is sent to the final stage where the burrs and surface defects are removed and the final part can be transported.
Advantages of plastic injection molding
– high shape complexity
-low cost
– strict tolerances
-high density
-high performance
Plastic injection molding
This technology excels in applications that require shape complexity and high final properties, such as high strength and density, excellent magnetic permeability, high temperature strength, corrosion resistance and thermal conductivity in applications where plastic or light plastic alloys are not sufficient. Therefore, plastic injection molding is preferably used for some of the following applications. Manufacturing of microelectronic packages, automotive sensors and actuators, hand tools and hardware, computer heat sinks, oil well drilling tools, aerospace and engine fuel components.
all in all
China Plastic Handle Manufacturers can offer greater cost savings than traditional plastic processing options. The density and mechanical properties of plastic injection molded parts are close to forged or machined parts. The plastic injection molding process can produce parts that are more complex than investment casting or conventional pressing and sintering techniques.

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