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The processing of Pet Preform is an important part of the manufacturing process. Corrected tool methods not only help you save costs, but also reduce lead times. Here, we will discuss some common issues, such as what it is, why it is important, and its cost.
What is the processing?
Tools are the process of designing for better and more efficient production. Tools can be divided into different directories. Injection molds, die casting tools, and stamping tools are the most commonly used tools for low to high volume production. In addition, workpiece holding tools, such as fixtures and fixtures, are assisted during the manufacturing process.
Why is the tool important?
The quality of the tool is always related to the manufacture of the final part. For product molds, it is used for batch molding, and the molded parts depend on the accuracy and characteristics of the mold. Therefore, tooling is a key factor affecting the quality of parts.
How much does the tool usually cost?
Tool costs will vary from project to project and depend on many variables such as quantity, tool material, finish, structure, and more. The cost of molds today is transparent. With the development of technology, the cost of molds is very low. You can buy molds from China Plastic Handle Manufacturers, which should be cheaper than other countries. At Jilian Plastics, the tool starts at $700.
Are you looking for a manufacturer? Jilian molds focus on fast molds and low-volume production, and we can supply you with qualified parts at a lower cost.

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