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ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) is one of the most widely used polymers in Pet Preform injection molding. The styrene content makes the surface bright and impervious to water, and polybutadiene provides excellent toughness even at low temperatures. The chemical structure of ABS also allows it to be modified to improve certain characteristics depending on the application at hand. In prototype casting, we know the value and versatility of ABS injection molding.
Study on Characteristics of ABS Injection Molding Plastics
ABS is a low cost, durable plastic that is easy to process and manufacture. There are many different grades of ABS plastic available, including high impact, glass filled, clear and high gloss formulations. It has good scratch resistance and can be made in a variety of colors. ABS plastics have good electrical properties and are fairly stable over a wide frequency range. They also work well when paired with metal coatings because the coating adheres firmly to the ABS plastic.
Temperature and humidity have little effect on the performance of ABS injection molded plastics over an acceptable operating temperature range. Its final performance is affected by the processing conditions. For example, low temperature molding produces the highest strength and impact resistance, while high temperature molding improves heat resistance and gloss.
ABS injection molded plastics are ideal for structural applications where impact resistance, strength and stiffness are required. It has excellent dimensional stability, is easy to paint and bond, and is a common choice for processing pre-production prototypes. As a thermoplastic, ABS plastic can also be easily recycled.
Plastic benefits
ABS injection molded plastics have many advantages:
Very high impact strength and toughness
Easy to mold / good processability
Very good dimensional stability
Excellent tensile strength and stiffness
Very good heat resistance and resistance to most oils, acids and bases
High load stability
Maintain characteristics and performance at extreme temperatures
Easy to form alloys with other polymers
Relatively low cost
Easy to paint and bond
Good strength to weight ratio
Easy to color
Prototyping: Your ABS injection molding source
From automotive to medical applications, ABS plastics are ideal for making lightweight, rigid molded products. The most easily identifiable products associated with this material include:
Computer key
Lego toys
Car accessories
Power tool housing
Household appliances
At Jilian Plastics, our experts can help you choose the materials that are right for your product. If you are looking for a strong, hard, inexpensive plastic that can withstand external impact, ABS injection molded plastic is for you. Please contact us, we are the most professional China Plastic Handle Manufacturers, we will bring you more information on plastic injection molding services.

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