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China Plastic Handle Manufacturers Take Longer To Go

Application of Pet Preform in the medical industry:
Medical equipment related to the pharmaceutical industry, machinery, electronics, plastics, etc. ,among them
The rapid development of plastic medical devices. For the first time since the 1930s, synthetic polymer materials have been used.
Since the celluloid membrane is formed into a clinically successful artificial kidney dialysis membrane, the polymer
Materials are gradually replacing traditional inorganic materials such as metals, glass, ceramics, and apatite
Used to prepare medical devices.
This is the reason:
(1) Polymer materials with good mechanical properties and chemical stability, more suitable for medical purposes;
(2) A source of inexpensive, disposable medical supplies rich in polymeric materials to avoid the following problems
Sterilization and secondary infection due to the high cost of traditional materials and products
(3) Products with plastic or modified are more likely to obtain good histocompatibility and blood compatibility;
(4) The plastic production cost is low, suitable for a variety of molding methods, easy to process into complex shapes and develop new medical products.
Advantages of plastics in the medical industry:
From pharmaceutical and pharmaceutical packaging, it can be seen that syringes, hoses, disposable surgical instruments and other medical devices are present in plastic devices.
The main advantage of the disposable medical device market demand potential is the following:
1. Light weight and hard work will help alleviate the fatigue caused by surgeons for a long time.
2, good toughness, strong impermeability, good durability, some plastics can also be used normally at high temperatures.
Transparent medical procedures can be better observed, especially during surgery.
4, easy to shape, used to produce a variety of shapes, complex medical equipment and supplies, and
Simply use a low-cost production process. High temperature sterilization using disinfectant or corrosive agent
No discoloration occurred.
5, compared with raw materials such as metal, low cost, more suitable for one-time production
Consumables, used as packaging materials after sterilization, help reduce the risk of infection.
6. It is safer to use than fragile materials such as ceramics or glass, especially as a packaging material.
As the proportion of population growth increases and the population ages, the demand for plastic medical equipment continues to grow, especially for human body equipment. The use of medical devices has evolved from a single to a diversified volume, and now one device can replace many traditional devices. Because of the many outstanding advantages of plastic medical equipment, the market share and influence of the pharmaceutical industry will grow in the future. China Plastic Handle Manufacturers are also turning their attention to the medical industry and doing relevant innovations, so that we can go further.

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