Jilian Mold Is A Well-Known China Plastic Handle Manufacturers

Jilian Plastics Co., Ltd. is committed to becoming one of the world’s leading mold manufacturers and China Plastic Handle Manufacturers. We hope to obtain first-class mold brands in the world, provide customers with first-class quality and professional services, and create a better life for employees. The mission of Jilian Plastic Mould. Jilian Plastics has been working on the design and manufacture of plastic molds for more than a decade. Over the years, we have developed our professional design team and established a scientific quality and production management program (Mold ERP System). Jilian Plastics is a mold manufacturer and parts supplier for many famous companies in China, Europe, the United States and Japan.
Jilian mold is a mold roughing workshop. Now, it has developed into a professional plastic mold and injection mold factory. Jilian Plastics provides customers with product design, mold design, mold manufacturing and injection molding services. In 2011 and 2016, Jilian Plastics Co., Ltd. expanded the workshop twice, we moved to the new factory and refurbished all the equipment.
At present, Jilian Plastic Molding Co. has 200 employees, 40 of whom are technical engineers; 10 are administrative personnel and 8 are highly qualified personnel. The factory covers an area of ​​10,000 square meters. The output is 60 molds per month and 720 molds per year. The annual output value is about 20 million US dollars. The largest mold we can make is close to 20T and the maximum mold size is 1500 * 2500. Our Pet Preform have been loved by customers all over the country and are a good choice for everyone.

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