The Future Development Trend Of Pet Preform Industry

Pet Preform are injection molded twice to produce two- or two-component parts in one process. Thanks to the ability to combine different materials, it is now possible to mass produce complex parts in a cost-effective manner.
The biggest advantage of this process is the cost savings. Parts containing two different materials or colors can be manufactured with all the speed and economy of the injection molding process, eliminating labor-intensive secondary operations and replacing them with automated operations. The result: consistent high quality components with significantly lower costs.
Shorten the mold cycle by conformal cooling
Traditional molds have linear cooling channels. There is now a conformal cooling: the cooling line bends and closely follows the geometry of the part. When a mold is properly designed and equipped with a conformal cooling line, it is reported that the cycle time can be reduced by 20% to 40%.
Conformal cooling provides uniform part cooling for a more robust part. This helps reduce the number of rejected parts, which in turn reduces the costly recall opportunities. Because of the higher risk of product liability in medical and automotive applications, conformal cooling should be an obvious choice for these industries.
Protecting petroleum resources with bioplastics
Most of today’s high-efficiency plastics are made from hydrocarbons in oil, natural gas and coal. While these plastics are versatile and durable, they have an undeniably worrying feature – they come from limited resources that are not renewable.
Bioplastics, on the other hand, are derived from biological resources such as sugar cane, wheat and corn. While there is controversy about whether bioplastics are better for the environment, one thing is certain: bio-plastics will take a prominent place in manufacturing as oil reserves continue to decline in the coming years.
If you want to be eliminated by the fast-growing industry, all China Plastic Handle Manufacturers can only stand more stable in the industry if they continue to learn new technologies.

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