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Maintenance Of Pet Preform Molds And Tools

Prophylactic Pet Preform mold maintenance seems to be a matter of no need to worry. After all, we know the importance of preventive maintenance for most of our major investments, such as machinery and facility infrastructure. It even affected our high personal expenses: cars, home heating systems and houses – to name a few. In general, the importance of preventive maintenance is not mysterious.
If this is simple, why is the mold owner not performing injection mold maintenance from time to time? There are actually many reasons. Here are some.
Why the store does not carry out mold maintenance
Maintenance requires tool downtime: it doesn’t necessarily require a lot of downtime—at least for regular preventive maintenance—but it does exist. In the tight deadlines, considering the choice between mold maintenance and on-time delivery, you have to look around for the owner of the latter.
Maintenance needs personnel: similar to the above. An operator or other employee who performs maintenance refers to an operator who does not do anything directly related to production. Sometimes this choice can be difficult to make. Again, if the option is “Make Maintenance” or “Make Parts”, you know the more likely options.
Mold owners may not understand the full extent of the importance of preventive mold maintenance: we wrote this article for one reason: despite the importance of maintenance, it seems that the store is experiencing mold failures, poor part quality, etc. . There may be another fundamental problem: preventive mold maintenance may be seen as something you should do, not what you have to do (if you want to keep mold investment and overall part cost low).
Before we look at some of the items that should form a preventive mold maintenance checklist, let’s take a brief and careful look at the problems that can occur without maintenance and why they are important.
Mold maintenance problem
Parts that do not meet specifications: There are many mold problems that can cause parts to fail to meet specifications: material residue in the mold, rust, cracks, or other damage to the mold, as well as air or gas trapped in the mold. Rejected parts mean more production cycles for you, so it’s important to ensure that quality remains high.
Premature mold failure for workers doing preventive mold maintenance: Neglecting small problems in preventive mold maintenance and inspection simply means that a big problem is more likely to happen soon – it may damage your mold and may not be repaired. Even if damage can be fixed, these fixes are expensive and result in more downtime.
Machine damage: one of the worst cases? The mold fails during the production cycle and damages the machine. In this case, your maintenance costs can skyrocket, and downtime issues with repairs or replacements can have a huge negative impact on your capacity.
The overall bottom line impact of any or all of these issues: longer lead times and higher costs.
China Plastic Handle Manufacturers know that if they don’t maintain the mold, they will have a lot of damage to the daily mold manufacturing, and it is not conducive to efficient production. Therefore, the daily maintenance work of the mold and equipment must be done well.

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