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Pet Preform Injection Molding Offers Unlimited Possibilities

Pet Preform injection molding offers virtually unparalleled versatility and manufacturing quality. This process is ubiquitous, which means finding an injection molding manufacturing partner is rarely a challenge, be it the tool or the process itself – this is another quality that makes injection molding a popular choice for the product (although finding the right manufacturing partner) It is another matter). However, the cost of plastic injection molds tends to stop entrepreneurs and engineers from moving forward because they have experienced a little “sticker shock”, especially if they are not familiar with the process. Checklist
The good news comes from several sources:
First, understanding the factors that affect the cost of an injection mold can help you manage and even reduce costs, and you only have to pay relatively little effort.
Secondly, understanding how these factors affect the molding process itself can give you more peace of mind, because your upfront investment in mold production, injection molding installation costs, machine time, etc. will result in lower production costs and more efficient production processes. .
Let’s take a look at these factors. Keep in mind that some of these points have an impact on the manufacturing cost of the mold itself, and some have a greater impact on the savings in the production process. We will definitely point out which is which.
The complexity of the part: Remember, making the injection mold itself is a manufacturing process. The more complex the part, the longer the mold will be created. To ensure the integrity of the molds and parts, higher precision is required. A good China Plastic Handle Manufacturers will work with you to optimize the flow rate, cooling time and other important aspects of the molding process (this may affect your future cost per piece). ). All of these steps are important, but they all require more time and effort, which increases your production costs. Keep the design of the injection molded part as simple as possible.
Part Size: Larger parts require larger molds, which in turn requires more material and more creation time. Parallel to the manufacture of larger molds is the associated cost, especially if the mold is manufactured outside of the factory where the part is produced. Shipping molds can be expensive due to the weight of the mold and the care of handling. Also keep in mind that in general, you – not another manufacturer – own your mold. Depending on the results of your production and purchasing process, you may end up needing to ship your mold to the field or to your own factory. All of these costs add up to a larger, heavier mold.

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