Problem Of Surface Finish Of Pet Preform

Basic Principles of Surface Finish for Injection Molded Pet Preform Once a part is formed, most plastic parts require additional processing to complete. Many plastic finishing processes are performed for appearance or aesthetics, such as surface finishing. The surface finish can be used to give the injection molded part a certain look, feel or texture. Surface finish can be a key factor in the appearance or performance of a product because it serves both cosmetic and functional purposes.
SPI mold surface treatment standard (English)
Many surface features must comply with the industry standards of the Plastics Industry Association (SPI). These standards in the US plastics industry determine the quality of plastic cosmetics. The SPI standard specifies 12 grades of mold finish in four different categories, from mirror finish to matt.
Gloss Polishing – SPI grades A – 1, A – 2 and A – 3 specify high gloss polishing on hardened tool steel molds, polished to specular gloss, and fine diamond powder suspended in oil. These finishes are very smooth, shiny and expensive, making plastic mirrors, goggles and other optical products.
Semi-gloss finishes – SPI grades B-1, B-2 and B-3 specify a semi-gloss finish with a luster on a hardened tool steel die polished with ultra-fine sandpaper or emery cloth. These plastic parts cannot display molds, tools or machined marks.
Matte to Matte – SPI grades C-1, C-2 and C-3 specify matte finish polished with fine stone powder. These finished products cannot display molds, tools or process marks. These finishes are used in die-cast or thermoset plastic industrial parts.
Alternative Standards – The SPI Mold Finish Standard has replaced other finish standards, but customers sometimes use the old finish grade when writing mold specifications.
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