What Is The Overmolding Of Pet Bottle Mould?

In very basic terms, overmolding involves placing one piece of plastic on top of another. In most cases, this involves molding the soft elastomer onto a more rigid substrate, such as a two-piece toothbrush with a soft elastomer-coated Pet Bottle Mould¬†on the rigid polypropylene substrate to give it a “soft” feel.
This is usually very straightforward as long as you have good dimensional control of the substrate.
Recently we have an overmolding project that requires molding a softer hardness on a softer substrate. With the development of molded parts, the walls of the substrate are quite thick, which makes this even more interesting.
First, we found that the part size was too large, we checked the cavity, shrinkage, and processing parameters, but everything was in line with the specifications. We had to squat for a few minutes until we realized what was going on, the first mold (substrate) was actually compressed during the second molding process, when the mold was opened, the part was allowed to decompress and it grew Nearly 10%. We were able to compensate for this with different molding parameters and make the parts conform to the specifications, but it did take us a while.
The main reason for mentioning this is to help us keep thinking. The Gianlian mold has been formed for more than 25 years. I have never seen this before, which is obvious in the hint view, but until it becomes a problem, I only thought about it. As a China Pet Bottle manufacturer with rich experience, Jilian Plastics welcomes your message and consultation.

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