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Jilian Plastic Mold Pet Bottle Preform Comprehensive After-Sales Service

Today, Pet Bottle Preform mold products are so popular and increasingly popular with people all over the world. Plastic injection products are a new hot spot among our customers due to their light and portable functions. Jilian Plastics is China’s injection mold manufacturer, injection mold supplier, and injection mold manufacturer. Now, we do a lot of business for injection molding services.
The plastic injection molding service is available for customers to produce in Jilian, which not only saves costs, but also makes it easy for customers to sell on the market.
We are responsible for all work, including production, stacking, packaging, and scheduling shipments for our customers.
In fact, a small company wants to start a plastic injection product business. They need plastic injection molds, plastic injection molding machines, auxiliary equipment machines and workers, and electricity, so if you come to Jilian mold, we provide the entire plastic injection molding. Service, you don’t need to worry about production.
Customers only need to buy Pet Bottle Preform molds, we can help to do other production things, from small investment to big benefits, please contact me for plastic injection molding services.

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Jilian Mold Is Committed To China Pet Bottle Innovation

Injection molding temperature control system

Injection molding Pet Preform temperature control system is a very important factor in the design of injection mold. The injection mold is used as a heat exchanger to cool the 200°C plastic melt. The final mold shaping temperature control system will directly affect the quality of the injection mold. Workpiece. effectiveness. The temperature requirements of the mold depend on the type of plastic raw material and the quality of the plastic part. If the molding temperature is greater than 80 ° C, the heating system should be set.

The following are the effects of the molding temperature control system on:

The quality of plastic products, including dimensional accuracy, shape accuracy, mechanical properties, surface quality.

Production efficiency is 2/3 of the entire injection cycle, and shortening the cooling time is the key to increasing productivity.

In order to increase the efficiency of the cooling system and the uniform temperature distribution of the cavity surface, the cooling system should be designed as follows:

The cooling system should be placed earlier than the demolding mechanism.

Make sure the center distance of the cooling tube and the distance between the cooling tube and the cavity wall.

Reduce the temperature difference between the influent and the effluent.

Strengthen the cooling efficiency of the gate.

The cooling channel should not be placed on the weld.

Jilian Plastic Mould is a famous China Pet Bottle mold manufacturer and innovator. We are committed to injection mold design, injection mold manufacturing, and injection mold innovation. If you have anything we need to do, please contact me.

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Two-Color Pet Preform Mould Making

The difference between over mold and two-color injection mold: over mold refers to first molding a part and then inserting it into another Pet Preform Mould to become a new part.
Two-color includes independent two-color and mixed two-color: Independent two-color refers to two colors made on one machine, usually by moving the cover mold (by flipping the mold). A double mold requires two sets of molds, two sets of the same cavity, and two sets of different covers. The two sets of formwork are interchangeable; mixing two colors requires only one set of molds and a dedicated plastic machine, which is an attachment to two separate nozzles and independently controls the injection parameters of each nozzle.
Mixed two-color injection molding process:
The main injection unit is mounted in the center of the fixed platen. The side injection device is mounted vertically on the mainframe at a certain oblique angle, which makes full use of the space without occupying a large floor space.
The main injection unit and the side injection unit can be separately controlled and produce mixed color products according to different requirements.
Various combinations of main injection unit and side injection unit of different specifications to meet customer needs and achieve sandwich injection molding of various materials
China Pet Bottle injection molding machine with high standard configuration.
Double cylinder balanced injection structure
Four-stage setting of injection speed, pressure and position
Three-stage setting of pressure-bearing material feeding speed, pressure, position
Injection position monitoring function
Injection position scale control
Screw cold start prevention function
There are three options for seating

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The Best Pet Preform Choose Jilian Mold

Jilian Plastics can provide customers with online injection molding services and online injection molding consulting services for China Pet Bottle. We can provide customers with the best injection solution mold query to help customers solve injection molding problems online. Your enquiries and requests can be fed back online on the first second, which saves more time for previous processing and research.
With the support of the plastic injection molding technology team and the China Mould Association, Jilian Mould can provide customers with the following injection molding consulting online services:
Any inquiry for plastic injection molding, plastic injection molding and plastic molding machines
Any inquiry about injection molding machine auxiliary equipment and after-sales service
Any support for injection molding technology and technical communication
Any questions about plastic injection molding and innovation in injection molding processes
Any questions about China’s top injection molding manufacturers, China’s top injection mold suppliers, China’s top injection molding machine manufacturers, and so on.
Jilian Plastics Co., Ltd. is committed to providing honest and reliable online services for plastic injection molding, and to achieve the highest standards of professional competence and the development and application of project methods and technologies shared by customers.
If you have any questions or problems with the injection molding of Pet Preform and the machine, please feel free to contact us. Jilian Plastics will be ready to give you the best service.

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Thin Wall 5-Gallon Pet Preform Products

High-speed thin-wall Pet Preform injection molding services require suppliers to have high-speed injection molding machines, good cooling thin-wall molds, skilled wall injection molding adjustment workers, and stable production environments. Jilian mold with many years of experience in thin-wall injection molding, want to introduce our good experience, and hope that you can become our next customer.
Thin-walled products require high-speed injection molding machines, which should be characterized by high speed, high pressure, short time, precision and stability. However, brand-name high-speed injection molding machines are very expensive, so it is not suitable for new customers who have just entered the field. It is also recommended that professional customers use our high-speed injection molding machines. The machine configuration of Jilian mold is of a high standard. We combine German high-speed machine technology to improve performance.
High speed also requires high speed injection molds. Our cooling design is the best, we design the largest possible. For thin-walled molds, we will add copper matte to the top of the core. We use DIN 1.2316 as the core and cavity and we can provide a mold steel certificate.
Thin-wall injection molding is our popular product. We manufacture thin-walled boxes of many sizes, from 100 ml to 1,5 l, and can be 0.45 mm thick. We have designed the right mold design and we will consider using less material, but the product is better.
If you want to produce your own thin-walled 5-gallon Pet Preform product, be sure to contact Gianlian Mold, I believe we will not let you down.

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Jilian Mold Is The Best Choice For Pet Preform

In China, there are so many China Pet Bottle mold manufacturing companies, Jilian mold is the top plastic injection mold manufacturer, is the best choice for you to develop injection molds. Why is Jilian Plastic Model the best choice for you?

Jilian Plastics has achieved the greatest achievements in the plastic mold manufacturing management system. We have improved the quality control of our plastic mold manufacturing design. Through technical meetings to analyze each mold structure, we try our best to avoid the possibility of error and any shortcomings, which effectively saves time and solves the problem better than in the workshop.
At the same time, Jilian Plastics also updated the quality control process. Starting with simple quality control, we are paying more and more attention to the control of the plastic mold manufacturing process, which means that in each plastic mold manufacturing step, our quality control department will check the dimensional tolerances of the parts against the drawings and avoid any defects entering the next. A process.

Jilian Plastics invested in new plastic mold making machine tools and quality control equipment. The newly equipped precision machine tool greatly improves the manufacturing quality of plastic molds. Jilian molds are increasingly using and stocking standard components, which shortens component purchase time. And these parts will be easily replaced for future customer mold maintenance. We provide plastic mold manufacturing services before order, during plastic mold manufacturing and after plastic mold delivery. If necessary, we can dispatch engineers to help and support plastic mold operations.
If you want to know more about the injection molding of Pet Preform, please come to contact Jilian Plastics, we will be your best choice.

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China Pet Bottle Mold Maintenance Information

How to maintain a Pet Bottle Preform mold? This is very important for customers who purchase mold and mold suppliers. Mold maintenance is one of the important factors that affect mold life and mold production quality.
As a mold maintenance, it can be divided into two types: daily maintenance and protection technology.
Daily maintenance
Check and clean the two parting surfaces.
Connect and test the CO2 drain channel on the seal shroud.
The heating system is measured under high pressure indication.
The measuring action of the slider and the stripper fixing plate.
Protection technology.
Check and clean the two parting surfaces.
Clean the venting groove.
Connect and test the cooling channels on the seal shroud.
Check and repair tool pop-up system.
Inspection of the tool parting surface joint.
Improve the tightness of the guide and the lubricant.
The cooling channels are cleaned with a clean, hygienic liquid, then the residue is aspirated with an air gun and dried through a hot air.
If you would like to know more about the maintenance of China Pet Bottle molds, please feel free to contact me.

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Injection Molding Pet Preform Mold Composition

The injection molded Pet Preform mold consists of a dynamic mold and a static mold. The movable mold is fixed on the movable plate of the injection molding machine, and the fixed mold is fixed on the fixing plate of the injection molding machine. During injection molding, the moving and stationary molds close and form a feed system and cavity. When the mold is opened, the movable mold and the static mold are separated for taking out the plastic product.
The mold structure varies depending on the type and performance of the plastic, the shape and structure of the plastic product, and the type of injection molding machine, but the basic structure is the same. The mold is mainly composed of a feeding system, a temperature regulating system, a molded part and a structural part. Feed systems and molded parts are parts that come into direct contact with plastic and vary with plastics and products. On plastic molds, they are the most complex and varied parts with the highest demands on processing gloss and precision.
The feed system is the portion of the flow path through which the plastic enters the cavity from the nozzle. It includes main runners, cold section plugs, sub runners and sprues. The molded part is an element that forms a shape of the product, such as a movable mold, a fixed mold, a cavity, a core, a molded rod, and a vent.
1. Feeding system
The feed system is also known as the runner system. This is a set of feed channels that direct the plastic melt from the injection molding machine to the mold cavity. It is mainly composed of mainstream roads, auxiliary runners, gates and cold section plugs. It is directly related to the molding quality and production efficiency of plastic products.
Main runner
This is a passage that connects the nozzle of the injection molding machine to the sub-flow path or cavity. The top of the main wheel is concave for easy connection to the nozzle. The inlet diameter of the main flow channel should be slightly larger than the nozzle diameter (0.8 mm) to avoid spillage and to prevent blockage due to inaccurate connections. The diameter of the inlet depends on the size of the product. Usually 4 – 8 mm. The main diameter should be extended inward by a 3 to 5 degree angle to help the sprue margin to be demolded.
B cold section
This is a hole at the end of the main runner that collects the cold material left between the injection molding ends at the end of the nozzle to prevent blockage of the sub-gate or gate. If cold waste is mixed into the cavity, it can cause internal stress in the product. The cold section plug has a diameter of about 8 – 10 mm and a depth of 6 mm. In order to facilitate demolding, the bottom is usually supported by a knockout pin. The top of the knockout pin is preferably designed as a meandering hook or a recess is provided thereon. Then the main runner allowance will be smoothly pulled out when demoulding.
Jilian Plastic Mould is a professional China Pet Bottle manufacturer with advanced technology in product manufacturing technology and equipment, so if you have mold manufacturing needs, please contact us.

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Jilian Mold Production Qualified Pet Preform Samples

Once your China Pet Bottle order is confirmed and the deposit is received, the Gillian mold engineer will provide an analysis report and the customer will receive information including gate location, thimble position and other design details. For complex products or large-size products, especially those that require hot runners, we will use mold flow analysis to simulate potential defects or imperfections by simulating the injection molding process, as shown in the following figure. In this way, the customer will know the condition of the product before the mold is manufactured. Mold making can only begin once the design has been approved.
In the mold manufacturing process, we will use precision machines such as CNC machining, EDM, wire cutting, and especially 2.5-dimensional measurements to inspect electrodes, parts and products. In this way, we will find unexpected errors in advance. In other words, it allows us to provide good quality while saving time and cost.
Our internal injection department will test the mold by injecting samples. The final qualified Pet Preform sample will be sent to the customer for approval.

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