Jilian Mold Production Qualified Pet Preform Samples

Once your China Pet Bottle order is confirmed and the deposit is received, the Gillian mold engineer will provide an analysis report and the customer will receive information including gate location, thimble position and other design details. For complex products or large-size products, especially those that require hot runners, we will use mold flow analysis to simulate potential defects or imperfections by simulating the injection molding process, as shown in the following figure. In this way, the customer will know the condition of the product before the mold is manufactured. Mold making can only begin once the design has been approved.
In the mold manufacturing process, we will use precision machines such as CNC machining, EDM, wire cutting, and especially 2.5-dimensional measurements to inspect electrodes, parts and products. In this way, we will find unexpected errors in advance. In other words, it allows us to provide good quality while saving time and cost.
Our internal injection department will test the mold by injecting samples. The final qualified Pet Preform sample will be sent to the customer for approval.

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