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China Pet Bottle Manufacturing Leader – Jilian Mold

Blow molding is the process of producing hollow objects from thermoplastics. There are two types of blow molding machines, including injection molding equipment and Pet Preform blow molding machines. Depending on the type of industry, professionals can decide which machine is better for their company. Although it is difficult to decide which injection molding machine is good for the company, since both machines play different roles, it is necessary for the company to decide which one is more conducive to installation. Blow molding machines have revolutionized the plastics industry environment. Because it enables the owners to produce large quantities of orders and mass production in a short period of time. Owners can provide quality plastics production services to their customers.

The basic items to consider when looking for an injection molding machine are as follows:

Take a look at this machine and see if it meets the company’s functional needs.
Compare machine repair, maintenance and overall life.
What is the efficiency of machines for routine production and mass production?
What is the durability and longevity of this machine?
What is the total budget of the machine?

Each of these factors will help people decide which machine is better for their company.

The advantages of a blow molding machine are as follows:

Blow molding machine was developed to provide 3D blow molding machine
Provides automated production of seamless parts and minimal flash around objects
It enables the machine to serve high production speeds
Production is quick and easy, with flexibility
Tools are cheaper
Each part rate is less than a faster cycle
The core does not allow irregular shapes
Aluminum tools are cheaper
Provides a choice between single and double wall construction
It provides excellent part performance under pressure

If you happen to have this need, you can consider the China Pet Bottle manufacturer. Among them, Jilian Plastic is one of the best. We can choose the right machine for you according to your needs, plus comprehensive after-sales service. Service, guaranteed will not let you down.

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Quality China Pet Bottle Producer – Jilian Mold

Extrusion blow molding is a versatile Pet Preform manufacturing process used in many different industries. It allows you to create a product with a uniform cross section. The same process of giving us candy bars and straws seems unlikely to form PVC pipes and car hoses, but it does. With different materials, extrusion blow molding can produce a variety of amazing products.

Plastic extrusion uses thermoplastic pellets. The pellets are placed in a hopper and moved into a heated tub where they are melted. The molten thermoplastic is then forced through the mold and the shape of the mold resembles the intended finished product. The result of this process is a continuous, long part that can then be cut to any desired size.
Advantages of extrusion blow molding plastic products

The advantages of extrusion blow molded plastic products are numerous, but the most important is the low production cost. The cost is so low because the initial setup takes very little time and is very cheap. In addition, the process itself is very efficient. In addition to the already low production costs, very little waste is generated in the manufacturing process, which makes the cost lower.

There is not much waste because the nature of the thermoplastic allows any accumulated waste to be simply melted and reused. Reducing waste means not only reducing material costs, but also reducing environmental stress; including landfill space and raw materials used to produce thermoplastics.

Jilian Plastics produces high-quality China Pet Bottle blow molding products. We are determined to keep up with the latest technology of this era and produce products that are loved by customers. Welcome to contact us if you have any needs.

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Reasons For The Success Of Jilian Molded Pet Preform

Jilian Plastics is a leading company in custom blow molding industrial parts and blow molding products. We pride ourselves on being one of the most successful Pet Preform blow molding companies. Our success is attributed to our managers, supervisors and production staff who have contributed their experience and dedication. We serve customers in the US, Canada, Mexico, Europe and Asia.
What is involved in blow molding?

Manufacturing a blow molded article involves making a hollow plastic part and forming it into a bottle or container. What we need to do next is to make a parison, which is a partially formed molten glass. This is a tubular plastic with a hole at one end through which compressed air can pass. Then, it is sandwiched in the mold and air is blown into it. The air pressure then forces the plastic out to match the mold. After the plastic cools, the hardened mold opens and falls off.
How do we start your blow molding project?

From the outset, our engineers are involved in the fine-grained process of planning and methodology so that the final stages of production are carried out exactly as required by the customer.

It is important to note that a successful blow molding project started with our highly qualified and experienced engineers. Jilian Plastic Mould will use the professional team in your company to produce products that meet your requirements. I believe that choosing us will enable you to harvest the most guaranteed quality China Pet Bottle!

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Custom Design Of Pet Preform

The conceptual process of custom design of Pet Preform involves blow molding. The use of extrusion blow molding as a process to create a case is beneficial.
The benefits of using blow molding for custom cases

Making the mold for extrusion blow molding itself is not time consuming. It is also not particularly expensive. Blow molding can be produced in large quantities or in small quantities.

The flexibility to design them allows for a lot of room for manoeuvre in this process. They are also considered to be impact resistant, making them an excellent choice for making demonstration kits or prototypes.

If you want to showcase an advanced, well-designed product show, this is a good choice for your project. As technology advances, you can order a custom bottle that is precisely designed and durable.

Thanks to the ability to customize the materials in your bottle, you can ensure that even the most vulnerable items are well cared for and intact.
Blow molded bottles maintain professional standards

Show the best products through blow molded bottles. When you choose this process of creating a product, you need to make sure that you come to your client’s office with the most professional case.

In most cases, there are options for custom printing options, which makes it more likely to strengthen your brand during each presentation and presentation.

Looking for a reassuring supplier of prefabricated parts? Then come and contact Jilian Plastics. We are a reliable and reliable China Pet Bottle manufacturer, bringing you quality products.

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Pet Preform Of Various Shapes And Sizes

Different types of injection molding machines
An injection molding machine, also known as a press, is an electronic device in which molten particles are placed in a Pet Preform mold to design plastic bottles of various shapes and sizes.

So what is a real plastic injection machine? Depending on the position of the mold, the plastic injection machine can be roughly divided into horizontal or vertical. In vertical injection molding machines, manual, hydraulic and magnetic clamps are used to hold the mold. The parts are shaped into molds or molds for mass production of any type of required part. Different types of injection molding machines

Further classification of the injection molding machine can be accomplished based on how the pressing is performed to impart a final shape to the product. The main type of injection molding machine is a mechanical injection molding machine in which the tonnage is built on the fixture to avoid the clamp being opened during the injection process. Opening the clamp during pressing can result in defective parts. In hydraulic presses, heating and cooling are accomplished by using fluids such as water or oil. Continuous monitoring of fluid pressure and flow is required. This is the oldest way to make a large number of parts. In the motor, higher precision and precision are required. The motor is an environmentally friendly machine. Saving energy consumption can effectively reduce operating costs. However, due to the high price, the motor is not feasible for small manufacturing units, and the hybrid machine combines the best practical characteristics of electric and hydraulic machines.

If you want to know more professional knowledge, please feel free to contact us. We are the professional manufacturer of China Pet Bottle. Choose us to make you more assured.

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China Pet Bottle Welcome Advice

  1. Cold runner single-day lightweight mold: This is the simplest Pet Preformmold design. It consists of two assembly units, each with a cavity and a core insert. These units are fixed to the molding press platen. One unit reams the injection side and the other unit contains the plastic part, the feed system, the cooling system and the thimble, which are opened with a clamp. Simple parts with large gates are usually molded in a one-day light mold. A disadvantage of this type of mold is that the plastic part remains attached to the feed system. In post-molding operations, the molded part must be separated from its feed system. These feed systems are then ground into small pieces or pellets and mixed with the original plastic for reuse. Cold runner injection molds are more economical than hot runner molds, but if the amount of plastic in the runners and runners exceeds 35% of the amount of plastic injected into the part cavities, the operating cost of the cold runner injection molds will be lower.
    Cold runner single day light mould

    2. Cold runner multi-day lightweight mold: it consists of more than two press plate assembly units, for example:
    a. A fixed or runner plate assembly unit that is attached to a fixed platen and typically includes a gate and a runner.
    b. A floating cavity plate assembly unit that includes a molded part and an ejector system.
    c. A removable assembly unit containing a core and an ejection system.

    In multi-day lighting molds, molded parts are automatically separated from their feed system. A portion is dropped on one side of the plate and the feed system is separated from the portion at the gate; it falls on the other side of the plate. The advantage of multi-day lighting or three-plate molds is that it allows precise positioning or center casting of plastic parts. Such molds are generally less expensive than similar hot runner injection molds.
    3. Hot runner mold: In the hot runner mold, the hot runner remains hot to keep the plastic material in a fluid state. Typically, the circular flow path is cut in the manifold and the manifold is heated with the aid of a heater. The advantage of hot runner molds is that the gates and runners remain molten and do not produce by-products to be separated or reground. In addition, the cycle time is usually shortened because the amount of plastic to be melted and then cooled is usually greatly reduced. Although hot runner molds are generally more expensive than conventional cold runner tools. They are particularly advantageous for small injection molded parts where the sprue and runner can account for more than 50% of the total plastic volume per cycle.

    As a reliable China Pet Bottlemanufacturer, Jilian Plastics can provide you with quality products and considerate services. Welcome to leave a message and inquire.

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Jilian Mold Provides A Full 5-gallon Pet Preform

Anyone in the pet bottle preform manufacturing service market wants to solve this problem in order to find a solution that best helps them achieve their overall goals.

Therefore, understanding the needs of customers, from the very beginning, allows you to best position yourself as a PET bottle manufacturer, in fact giving your business a chance to fight in a crowded market.

The customer wants to know:

Whether buying PET bottles locally or overseas. Although bottles are much cheaper overseas, there is still a lot of shipping costs to consider.
What type of plastic is used by the manufacturer to produce the bottle. This is notified by the intended use of the bottle
Does the manufacturer provide a seal for the bottle? If so, what types of closures are available? If not, where will it be closed?
What to buy, ready-made or custom bottles
What is the minimum order quantity of the bottle?
Is the manufacturer able to print and/or mark the bottle according to the customer’s requirements?
Whether the manufacturer can meet the legal requirements and industry standards for the production of certain types of bottles
If the bottle does not meet the quality requirements or the batch fails to deliver on time, they can choose the option
What is the record and reputation of the manufacturer in the market?

If you are still not sure how to find a manufacturer that will satisfy you, then the Jilian mold from Huangyan, Taizhou is a good choice for you. We can save you more troubles and the types of products we offer. It is also very comprehensive, from 5-Gallon Pet Preform to caps, I believe you can always find the right one for you.

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Pet Preform Mold To Prevent Parts Loss

In the maintenance of Pet Preform Mould, the following must be noted when using screws:

1) It is strictly forbidden to use damaged and bent screws;
2) When the mold is repaired or replaced, please match the original screw of the mold to ensure the length of the screw;
3) When installing the screws, do not fall off due to vibration of the production mold;
4) If the screw is selected between right and wrong and cannot be assembled in place, it is necessary to confirm whether the teeth of the relevant parts in the screw hole are damaged. If there is a similar incident, please contact our company, do not tamper with it, so as to avoid adverse consequences caused by improper modification;
5) When selecting the wrench, make sure that the wrench head is not worn and will not damage the hexagonal countersunk head screw.

2 – 5. The mold needs to be regularly sealed, and the components such as nozzles and water shutoffs are aging. If parts need to be replaced, they must be replaced in time.
2 – 6. Mold maintenance, suitable for mold parts, please choose hardness copper rod rap.
2 – 7. When repairing and disassembling parts, it is necessary to avoid surface damage, indentation, strain, and scratches.
2 – 8. Everyone should use medical alcohol to wipe the inside and outside of the mold clean, clean the vents and check the vents to prevent improper clogging of the vents. Clean the mold to cool or heat the oil to prevent rust.
2 – 9. If the mold is to be used in other molds, the mold is cleaned after the mold is repaired, and the food grade rust inhibitor is applied on the contact surface and the outside of the mold body and the bottom mold.
2 – 10. Pet Preform mold maintenance work, no mold parts are lost.

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Blow Molding Of Pet Preform

You may work in manufacturing every day, or work with a manufacturer, but still don’t know how certain processes work, or how one process differs from another.

Example: Injection molding and blow molding of Pet Preform. These terms are often used interchangeably, but they are not the same thing. There is a specific difference between the two.

There are several different ways to blow and mold:

Mold: The actual manufacturing of the mold varies by blow molding and injection molding. For blow molding, temperature, plastic type, pressure/speed and speed are just as important as the mold itself, and for injection molding, mold manufacturing is the vast majority of the entire process – about 90%.

Part Thickness: The wall thickness of a part manufactured by injection molding is determined by the relationship between the mold and the core. On the other hand, the thickness of a blow molded part is determined by the way the material is stretched during blow molding; its wall thickness will vary from place to place depending on how much it is stretched.

Part shape: Injection molding produces solid parts, while blow molding produces hollow parts (thinkboard and water bottle, respectively).

In blow molding, there are several different methods, including extrusion and stretching or injection stretching.

roll out
In extrusion blow molding, the plastic is melted and extruded into a hollow tube. In Jilian molds, our extrusion process is often used in products such as Sharp containers, soap bottles and fertilizer bottles, as well as medical vacuum bottles (thicker products), using PETG resin, which is a harder material. .

Stretching or injection stretching
In one or two steps, the plastic is molded into a preform that is then heated and stretched.

We manufacture injection molding and blow molding for a wide range of industries and can produce small, medium and multi-part products in any volume, using multiple materials per process. We use the latest technology and equipment and offer many value-added services, including inspection and testing, tools, and upcoming clean room molding.

If you are not sure if injection or blow molding is right for your needs, or if you have any questions about the process, you can always contact us. We are experts in the field of China Pet Bottle. We are able to bring you reliable products with the least amount of money. We are also very mature in the technology of production. Welcome to contact us!

Pet Preform Material Supplier

It is well known that quite a wide variety of plastic materials can be used in everyday products and large equipment. In each type of plastic material, there are different grades for different products and different types of processes. For example, PP is a versatile material used in many applications. However, the PP materials used to make Pet Preform are different from the PP materials used to make automotive bumpers, although they may come from the same material supplier, the resin manufacturer.

Resin producer

In fact, they are petrochemical plants that produce plastic resins, which are the raw materials for making plastics. They converted by-products from crude oil refineries into plastic materials. Different resin manufacturers specialize in producing different types of materials. They supply large quantities to manufacturers and resin traders who consume hundreds of tons of the same material each month.

Resin trader

Those who buy raw materials from resin producers and sell them to manufacturers in smaller quantities. A trader usually represents several resin producers, giving manufacturers a wide range of different materials to choose from.

Colorant and additive supplier

Although most materials are transparent or translucent in their natural state, the addition of a colorant can give it a different shade of color. Additives are chemical agents that are added to change certain properties of the material. For example, UV stabilizers are a common additive added to plastic materials to prevent discoloration of the product due to prolonged exposure to sunlight.


China Pet Bottle manufacturers are companies specializing in a large number of “mixed” materials, additives and colorants. They operate large mixers that can mix several tons of material at a time. Composite materials are more consistent than materials that the manufacturer uses a small blend of small mixers.

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