Pet Preform Material Supplier

It is well known that quite a wide variety of plastic materials can be used in everyday products and large equipment. In each type of plastic material, there are different grades for different products and different types of processes. For example, PP is a versatile material used in many applications. However, the PP materials used to make Pet Preform are different from the PP materials used to make automotive bumpers, although they may come from the same material supplier, the resin manufacturer.

Resin producer

In fact, they are petrochemical plants that produce plastic resins, which are the raw materials for making plastics. They converted by-products from crude oil refineries into plastic materials. Different resin manufacturers specialize in producing different types of materials. They supply large quantities to manufacturers and resin traders who consume hundreds of tons of the same material each month.

Resin trader

Those who buy raw materials from resin producers and sell them to manufacturers in smaller quantities. A trader usually represents several resin producers, giving manufacturers a wide range of different materials to choose from.

Colorant and additive supplier

Although most materials are transparent or translucent in their natural state, the addition of a colorant can give it a different shade of color. Additives are chemical agents that are added to change certain properties of the material. For example, UV stabilizers are a common additive added to plastic materials to prevent discoloration of the product due to prolonged exposure to sunlight.


China Pet Bottle¬†manufacturers are companies specializing in a large number of “mixed” materials, additives and colorants. They operate large mixers that can mix several tons of material at a time. Composite materials are more consistent than materials that the manufacturer uses a small blend of small mixers.

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