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Pet Preform Have A Wide Range Of Applications

Jilian Plastics uses the most stringent quality standards for its disposable or multi-use Pet Preform. Bottles for a variety of applications are slightly heavier than one-way bottles and are rugged. Refillable bottles can be used up to 15 to 20 times.

Jilian Plastic PET bottles are widely used in the packaging of various liquid products worldwide. PET bottles come in a variety of shapes, weights, colors and sizes, as well as “features” for hot-filled liquids. Hot filling is the process of filling a product at high temperatures, whereby the product is package sterilized and has a longer shelf life. It is now possible to thermally fill new PET bottles without losing their shape or hardness. Hot-filled PET is suitable for sterilization or pasteurization of very important product packaging and therefore must be hot filled, including:

Juice and juice drinks
Iced tea and some “new age drinks”

The PET plastic (in particulate form) is dried to prevent moisture from interfering with the mechanical properties of the product.
The dried PET is melted in the extruder, mixed, and colored if necessary.
The molten PET is injected into a shape which is then cured to produce a solid preform.
The preform is removed from the mold, cooled, stored or shipped to the customer.

Bottles made from PET plastic can be:

One-step method

PET preforms are produced and blown into bottles on the same line.
Two-stage process

PET preforms are produced on separate lines and then blown into bottles on another machine.

The advantage of the two-stage process is higher throughput per unit time and the geographical distribution of preform and bottle production. Choosing Jilian Plastics, we are a China Pet Bottle manufacturer with a good reputation in the market. If you choose us, you will be able to get the comprehensive protection we provide for you.

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Jilian Mold Brings A Satisfactory China Pet Bottle

Since the beverage bottles of each volume specification should be packed in the package of the size specification (so the height of the beverage bottle is determined according to the volume specification, it cannot be changed at will.). When high pressure air is injected into the preform, the preform rapidly expands to the surrounding air and the air in the bottle cavity must be immediately discharged to obtain a full bottle. Generally, an exhaust groove is opened on a mating surface of one of the two cavities. The groove width is 6~8mm and the groove depth is zero to zero~0.1mm. Because the clamping force of the blowing machine is not large to increase the pressure of the two cavity cavities, the outer milling of the cavity matching surface should be sunk to about 03mm to match. The area of ​​the face is reduced. A number of venting holes should also be provided at the bottom of the bottle chamber. The bottom of the bottle. In order to place the bottle in the middle of the smooth bottom of the bottle, it must be recessed upwards. In addition, a bad groove must be designed to prevent the bottom portion of the bottom of the bottle from being cracked when the beverage is poured into the bottle. Jilian Plastic Mould is a reliable China Pet Bottle manufacturer that can bring you a satisfactory Chinese pet bottle product.

The CAD design of the beverage bottle is based on the basic requirements of the PET beverage bottle. The general method of designing the beverage bottle using UG is to preliminarily design the bottle sample according to the 2D drawings or bottle samples provided by the user and other requirements.

Use the Analysi analysis tool to test the volume of the initial bottle sample if it does not meet the requirements, and adjust the volume by modifying the diameter of the bottle or modifying the bottom of the bottle until the height is maintained.

The belt volume is below the liquid level, the actual volume inside the bottle plus the volume outside the bottle. The volume of the bottle can be calculated by dividing its weight by the specific gravity. Because the weight of the bottle is fixed, its volume is also fixed.

Pet Bottle Mould design and processing method When the high pressure air is injected into the preform, the preform expands rapidly around the bottle, and the air in the bottle cavity must be immediately discharged to obtain a full bottle sample. In order to obtain a good exhaust effect, it is necessary to provide a venting groove on the parting surface, and to vent the vent hole at the bottom of the bottle which is easy to retain air.

With advanced production technology and competitive price, Jilian Plastic Mould provides you with consistently high-precision, high-quality and high-standard products, and sincerely serves customers!

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The Quality Of Pet Preform Is Crucial

Quality is critical in Pet Preform. No customers want to buy inferior pet preforms. Poor quality pet preforms are not only unpleasant, but cracks and debris are also fast. Some pet preform companies buy pet preforms from around the world to save money. Although these companies do save on material costs, their sales are damaged by poor quality. Here’s how it’s possible to find quality parts that save money and improve quality.

Looking for suppliers

Finding quality suppliers is always a difficult process. As resin prices fluctuate, many resin suppliers want the market to return to normal. As a company, having multiple parts suppliers is always a good idea. Leverage is not only bad for reducing costs, it also protects you from price increases. As a business owner, spend some time each month looking for new suppliers. Even if suppliers reduce costs, don’t give them too much business until they prove themselves.

Overseas materials

Materials can be imported from overseas for use in the production process. However, this decision also has a lot of risks. Not only will you face the risk of shipping delays, but you will also be at risk of low quality products. Pet preforms occupy a large amount of container space, and shipping pet preforms is usually of no economic importance due to shipping costs.

As a professional China Pet Bottle manufacturer, Jilian Plastics is constantly looking for ways to increase sales and profits. Procurement is essential in any industry and continues to look for new suppliers to find lower cost and higher quality products.

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Reliable China Pet Bottle

Custom injection molding is not the easiest or most straightforward process. Most people don’t know what custom injection molding means and why it is so important. In addition, the process has nuanced costs that stem from different areas. For complex reasons, each part of custom injection molding costs a unique amount of money. Quotations vary widely depending on the unique factors of each project. Let us examine the cost of custom injection molding of Pet Preform to help our audience better understand the financial aspects of the process.
Different industries, different costs

Plastic manufacturing projects are inherently unique. Customers have a range of product options and the processes they need to create them. Each unique technology has its own unique cost. These fees are not exactly the same. They depend on the nuances of the project and whether multiple technologies are needed to create the final product. In general, the mold itself is the first to bear the initial cost of production. Let’s look at the different methods and other variables that affect the cost of custom injection molding.
Plastic injection molding

This method is one of the most popular methods of making plastic parts and plastic parts. This method injects plastic into the mold to create the opposite shape. A variety of useful products are manufactured using custom plastic injection molding. In most cases, plastic injection molding is quite complicated compared to other methods. It requires a highly detailed mold, so its cost is often higher than other methods.
Blow molding

Blow molding is a form of manufacture similar to other methods, but is unique in that it has an additional step that allows the plastic portion to have a hollow intermediate portion. Plastic injection molding or thermoforming is used to move a hot component to a separate tool that delivers gas to the central portion. This gas stretches it into a completely new mold. Blow molding is often used in bottles and other various plastic products.

In terms of cost, blow molding is quite cheap. However, blow molding is an integral part of a larger overall process, so the total cost of the project may be higher than originally anticipated.

Plastic articles can also be made by extrusion and thermoforming. This process requires several additional steps compared to plastic injection. Extrusion requires processing of plastic pellets or powder. This allows for the precise manufacture of plastic sheets. Thermoforming heats the finished plastic sheet in an oven to impart ductility. The sheet is then pressed into the mold by vacuum or air pressure to form the desired shape of the final part. Thermoforming for plastics manufacturing is relatively straightforward and therefore generally less expensive than other methods.

The quotation of obtaining and analyzing custom injection molding costs from different mold makers is inherently complicated. The price depends on the input, such as sample parts, prototypes, drawings, and so on. Designers must check each input to determine the best molding solution. Note that parts can be redesigned to increase efficiency during the manufacturing process and increase the number of parts produced during the molding process.

When the mold has more cavities, especially tight tolerances and long production life, the cost will increase. However, the extra upfront costs are almost always worth the money. This elite mold can withstand the test of time and requires very little maintenance.
Other variables that affect custom injection molding costs

The formwork is one of many additional factors that affect the cost of custom injection molding. The die holder is a housing that stores the mold cavities and joins the components to each other. The cost of this pedestal is estimated based on the size of the mold and the type of steel from which the pedestal is made. Even the level of customization that customers expect is also playing a role in determining costs. The core metal affects costs because long-lasting molds require metals that stand the test of time. This core metal is more expensive. Or, short-term production can be a metal with a short service life and low cost. Choosing a reliable China Pet Bottle manufacturer, Jilian Plastics can provide you with products of very reliable quality and price. Welcome customers to contact us.

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Choose A Reputable Pet Preform Manufacturer

Plastic injection molding is at the heart of any injection molding operation. If you want to have high quality Pet Preform, then you must find a manufacturer with the necessary expertise and precision machinery to deliver the products you want at an affordable price. A well-known and well-known injection mold manufacturer can significantly increase your productivity and help you get a better return on your investment.

A reputable mold manufacturing company can help you gain the following benefits and benefits.

Faster cycle time
High-quality finishing of high-tech injection molded parts
Significantly reduced production costs
Plastic molded parts with relatively high precision, ie a very small number of defective parts
Good manufacturers can also help you complete tasks before the deadline

Another very important thing is that from the choice of materials and design to the finished product, quality companies work closely with customers to form a good working relationship.

The right way and the right attitude

For moldmakers, it is important to closely match the customer’s rights from the concept of injection molds to the mass production of parts. Excellent moldmakers have greatly assisted customers by asking the right questions to their customers and continuing to focus on any issues that may hinder smooth mold making.

Early detection of the design or any other defect can help the moldmaker save a lot of money because the waste will be reduced and the cycle time will be greatly reduced.

Jilian Plastic Mould is a China Pet Bottle manufacturer with many years of experience in the industry. I can deliver the product in the shortest time and let the customer put it into production quickly.

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Jilian Mold To Meet The Needs Of Customers Pet Preform

Jilian Plastic Mould is a famous China Pet Bottle mold manufacturer, a professional short-cycle mold designer, which can provide huge technical support for the development of short-cycle molds.
One of the important factors affecting the quality of the mold is the mold cooling system. The quality of the mold cooling system will directly affect the cycle time of the mold. Short cycle molds can make more products, in contrast, with longer cycles at the same level.
We can provide customers with short cycle molds. The key to shortening the cycle is the good design of the mold cooling system. Here, we share some tips on how to design short cycle molds;
1. Cool the water hole as much as possible and its diameter as large as possible;
2. The distance between the cooling water hole and the surface of the cavity (core) is the same;
3. Strengthen cooling at the gap;
4. Reduce the difference between cooling water and ou;
5. The cooling water hole is away from the weld seam;
6. Easy to clean;
7. The seal is good and stable.
A good quality Pet Preform mold should be equipped with a complete cooling system. We are committed to designing short cycle molds and providing high quality injection molds to meet customer needs.

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Jilian Mold Provides High Quality China Pet Bottle

A mold designed with a hot runner manifold and a secondary hot runner is called a hot runner mold.

Hot runner Pet Preform mold example

(1) Hot runner mold structure fed through a point gate. It is only suitable for single cavity molds and is limited by the gate location.

2) The end face participates in the hot runner mold structure of injection molding. It is suitable for single cavity molds, but gate marks will remain on the part surface. The end face of the hot runner is machinable.

(3) The hot runner/cold runner mold structure has some conventional runner features. This structure can produce multiple plastic parts at the same time, but it will produce some cold material.

In addition to the open gate hot runners described above, people are now choosing valve gate hot runners to produce advanced products.
What is a valve hot runner?

The hot runner and manifold are mounted in an injection mold and then heated to maintain fluidity of the plastic material from the barrel. As a result, the product gate appears to be in direct contact with the nozzle. Therefore, when the product is released, the gate is closed by the action of the needle valve. Therefore, the application of one or more cold runners is avoided, enabling waste-free production.

Jilian Plastic Mould is a China Pet Bottle manufacturer with rich experience. We are constantly learning advanced technology at home and abroad in the production of pet prefabricated parts. We welcome interested customers to contact us. I believe we can definitely bring you Come to the satisfaction of the service.

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How To Improve The Life Of Pet Preform?

Product quality is always the most important factor in a product. Competition in the manufacturing industry is becoming more and more fierce, and the ability to provide more and more short-term, high-efficiency, low-consumption and personalized high-quality products for manufacturing customers has become a sign of corporate competitiveness.
The Pet Preform mold is called the father of the industry; the quality of the mold will directly affect a serious part of the product quality, including replacement of quality cycle, production, production cost of new and old products, product structure adjustment speed and market competitiveness. .
Improve mold quality:
1. First, the design should be reasonable and the best structure should be selected as soon as possible.
2. The most important step is that the mold design is to improve the quality of the mold, and many factors need to be considered, including the choice of mold materials, the usability and safety of the mold structure, the Mach ability of the mold parts and the convenience of mold maintenance, all of which should Be considered.
3. The mold manufacturing process is an important part of ensuring the quality of the mold. The processing method and processing precision are indispensable in the mold manufacturing process and affect the life of the mold.
Jilian Plastics from Taizhou is a well-known China Pet Bottle manufacturer. Our products are low cost and high quality, which is your reliable choice.

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How To Insert The Pet Preform

Insert molding is an integrated plastic product that is used to mold metal parts, electromechanical parts, and other discrete parts into a mold and then inject plastic into the mold. Insert molding is now very popular, especially for electrical products, which requires the addition of copper nuts to the product.
Steps for inserting Pet Preform:
1. Load a custom mold. The insert is then placed into the mold by hand or robot.
2. The molten plastic is injected into the mold.
3. After the product has cooled, remove it from the mold.
4. The product is separated from the gate and inspected.

Advantages of insert molding:
Reduce assembly and labor costs
The manufacturing steps are reduced by insert molding. Thereby reducing costs.
Reduce size and weight
By eliminating fasteners and connectors, combined with the physical strength of the resin and metal inserts, insert molding can produce smaller and lighter products.
Improve reliability
Because each component is tightly held in a thermoplastic, the insert molded plastic product prevents loosening, misalignment, and other problems. Thermoplastic resins also provide improved impact and vibration resistance.

Jilian Plastic Mould is a China Pet Bottle manufacturer with rich experience. If you are interested in this aspect or have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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Reliable China Pet Bottle

For the bottle manufacturing company, the most important thing is the blowing machine, which can complete the business and make a profit through the blowing machine.

A high-quality machine will bring honor to the company, and a bad choice will bring disaster to the future of the company.

Compared with other companies in the industry, you can use the best Pet Preform blow molding machine with Jilian mold.

Our PET bottle making machines have a first-class quality guarantee as it meets European standards. We offer you universal blowers with variable production speeds, which are manufactured for the production of ultra-flexible bottles. The neck size of the bottle ranges from 18 mm narrow neck bottles to 120 mm wide mouth bottles.

Before we build a deal, we listen to all of our customers’ needs and provide them with solutions based on their business needs. This is the key to our customer satisfaction over the years.

Our products have some of the best features, such as low maintenance costs, the ability to run continuously for longer, high efficiency, and the ability to optimize return on investment.

Needless to say, these machines are also highly regarded for their design theory, which is the best in the industry. Many customers also choose us because the design factors of the machine will make their production site look good. We not only provide reliable equipment, but also produce reliable China Pet Bottle. Customers who are in need are welcome to contact us.

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