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Choose China Pet Bottle Will Not Regret

Color is critical to branding and has a major impact on consumer perception of the product. Many beverage companies recognize the importance of color and its impact on consumer perception, and strive to ensure that the color of its polyethylene terephthalate (Pet Preform) is always accurate and consistent.

To achieve accurate and consistent color, color management is required throughout the manufacturing process of the PET bottle. First check the color of the plastic particles with a spectrophotometer to ensure that the color values ​​are within acceptable limits.

Next, the color of the PET preform is measured to help ensure that the fully blown PET bottle meets the desired color. To ensure accurate color data obtained, the use of reflectance or transmittance measurements is chosen based on the opacity or translucency of the PET preform. Finally, the lid and closure are opaque and are preferably measured in a reflective mode. For caps and closures with a textured top, measuring multiple points and averaging these measurements provides more reproducible color data.

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