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Jilian Mold Provides A Variety Of Pet Preform

Jilian Plastics is one of the leading suppliers of polyethylene terephthalate (Pet Preform). We use this versatile, recyclable plastic, and with imaginative thinking, years of industrial knowledge and advanced materials science, we have created new single-layer PET barrier technology and structures that enable us to serve food and beverages. The company’s most important opportunities and challenges develop packaging solutions such as product protection, consumer appeal and sustainability. We also develop packaging for hot fill applications.
PET preforms, bottles and caps

We are one of the leading manufacturers of PET preforms, bottles and caps in China. Our products range from small 16g preforms to large 85gm preforms with a variety of neck trims for many applications.

Our range of bottles includes custom and standard bottles in a variety of sizes for carbonated soft drinks, static products and cooking oils.

Our advanced technology and design capabilities enable us to produce innovative value-added packaging that enables brand owners, private label manufacturers and retailers to deliver to consumers in a sustainable, lightweight, unbreakable and attractive form of PET packaging. Provide value and withstand the rigors of the hot filling process.

In addition, PET containers containing these technologies are highly sustainable, help reduce the carbon footprint of brand owners, and are recyclable in conventional PET recycling systems. Jilian Plastic can also design products according to the needs of our customers, so that you can get the products that are most suitable for you. Choose a truly reliable China Pet Bottle manufacturer and believe that we will live up to your trust.

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