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The Method Of Reducing The Cost Of Pet Preform

Choose the right material

Consider the application of your Pet Preform parts. Can you use low-end polymers and less additives? Special additives and resins will increase your material costs. Finding the simplest and most viable solution is still suitable for the last part of the application.
Evaluation customization

If you want to save, you can minimize the amount of customization of the molded part. This may include surface textures, stamps or color dyes. These aesthetics work well, but are they absolutely necessary? This is one of the easiest ways to lose weight.
Make full use of home molds

You can reduce the cost per piece by producing more parts. You can also create a mold that fits multiple parts together, as long as they are relatively similar in size and material. If you think about it, the more parts you can take out of the mold at a time, the faster you can produce, and the fewer cycles the mold will need to go through. This is maximizing efficiency.
Cooperation with Chinese pet bottle manufacturers

The shorter the production cycle, the faster the final product will be delivered and the more orders will be placed. Transferring production from overseas to domestic production is indeed one of the smartest and easiest ways to reduce production time and bring goods to customers faster. China Pet Bottle manufacturers also have additional benefits that are well worth the trust and support of others and will not disappoint you.

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