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China Pet Bottle Manufacturers Welcome You To Choose

Want to know how much it costs to inject a Pet Preform mold? This is one of the most important issues, really. However, the answer is not as simple as it seems. Just like buying a car, a new computer, or even a pair of shoes, the options and prices will vary depending on the level of detail and detail. good news? Although the mold is the most expensive part of the process, once you buy it, you have built your own business model for the low cost of each product for many years to come.

Although you may want to find the cheapest mold, please keep the following in mind before purchasing:

The mold is made of two materials: aluminum or steel. Aluminum molds are the lower price of the two molds, which may be a good choice if you don’t need long-term use of the mold or produce a large number of parts. Hardened steel molds have a longer production life and produce higher quality parts, higher quality and longer running times, bringing you more benefits. Consider the volume you need to create, the length of time you plan to create a product with each mold, and the consistency you want the product to maintain. Although aluminum has a place in the market and is definitely a cheaper option, if you have to change it as soon as possible, it may cost you even more in the long run.

The complexity of the parts you make plays a big part in the total cost of the mold. Factors such as the material you will use in your mold, the number of cavities required, and the type of mold base will affect the cost of the entire mold. However, manufacturing your product with a higher grade mold will result in a higher quality product that will only build your customer confidence and reputation.

Long-term consideration
If the cost of quality molds is a stumbling block, consider the long-term prospects. The amortization of the mold after many years of use is a good way to break down the price and understand how it affects the price of the part. Suppose you choose a high quality steel mold and it costs 30,000 yuan. When you break it down in three years, you create 400,000 parts during this time; the annual cost is only $10,000. Even better, the cost of each mold you produce is less than 0.08 yuan! This is very valuable.

Providing a wealth of information about your products and needs to the China Pet Bottle mold manufacturer, Jilian Mold, is the key to getting the best cost estimate. While the initial cost may be higher than your expectations for high quality molds, the end result of your product will pay off in the next few years.

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