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Jilian Mold To Meet The Needs Of Customers Pet Preform

Jilian Plastic Mould is a famous China Pet Bottle mold manufacturer, a professional short-cycle mold designer, which can provide huge technical support for the development of short-cycle molds.
One of the important factors affecting the quality of the mold is the mold cooling system. The quality of the mold cooling system will directly affect the cycle time of the mold. Short cycle molds can make more products, in contrast, with longer cycles at the same level.
We can provide customers with short cycle molds. The key to shortening the cycle is the good design of the mold cooling system. Here, we share some tips on how to design short cycle molds;
1. Cool the water hole as much as possible and its diameter as large as possible;
2. The distance between the cooling water hole and the surface of the cavity (core) is the same;
3. Strengthen cooling at the gap;
4. Reduce the difference between cooling water and ou;
5. The cooling water hole is away from the weld seam;
6. Easy to clean;
7. The seal is good and stable.
A good quality Pet Preform mold should be equipped with a complete cooling system. We are committed to designing short cycle molds and providing high quality injection molds to meet customer needs.

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