Jilian Mold Brings A Satisfactory China Pet Bottle

Since the beverage bottles of each volume specification should be packed in the package of the size specification (so the height of the beverage bottle is determined according to the volume specification, it cannot be changed at will.). When high pressure air is injected into the preform, the preform rapidly expands to the surrounding air and the air in the bottle cavity must be immediately discharged to obtain a full bottle. Generally, an exhaust groove is opened on a mating surface of one of the two cavities. The groove width is 6~8mm and the groove depth is zero to zero~0.1mm. Because the clamping force of the blowing machine is not large to increase the pressure of the two cavity cavities, the outer milling of the cavity matching surface should be sunk to about 03mm to match. The area of ​​the face is reduced. A number of venting holes should also be provided at the bottom of the bottle chamber. The bottom of the bottle. In order to place the bottle in the middle of the smooth bottom of the bottle, it must be recessed upwards. In addition, a bad groove must be designed to prevent the bottom portion of the bottom of the bottle from being cracked when the beverage is poured into the bottle. Jilian Plastic Mould is a reliable China Pet Bottle manufacturer that can bring you a satisfactory Chinese pet bottle product.

The CAD design of the beverage bottle is based on the basic requirements of the PET beverage bottle. The general method of designing the beverage bottle using UG is to preliminarily design the bottle sample according to the 2D drawings or bottle samples provided by the user and other requirements.

Use the Analysi analysis tool to test the volume of the initial bottle sample if it does not meet the requirements, and adjust the volume by modifying the diameter of the bottle or modifying the bottom of the bottle until the height is maintained.

The belt volume is below the liquid level, the actual volume inside the bottle plus the volume outside the bottle. The volume of the bottle can be calculated by dividing its weight by the specific gravity. Because the weight of the bottle is fixed, its volume is also fixed.

Pet Bottle Mould design and processing method When the high pressure air is injected into the preform, the preform expands rapidly around the bottle, and the air in the bottle cavity must be immediately discharged to obtain a full bottle sample. In order to obtain a good exhaust effect, it is necessary to provide a venting groove on the parting surface, and to vent the vent hole at the bottom of the bottle which is easy to retain air.

With advanced production technology and competitive price, Jilian Plastic Mould provides you with consistently high-precision, high-quality and high-standard products, and sincerely serves customers!

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