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Pet Preform Have A Wide Range Of Applications

Jilian Plastics uses the most stringent quality standards for its disposable or multi-use Pet Preform. Bottles for a variety of applications are slightly heavier than one-way bottles and are rugged. Refillable bottles can be used up to 15 to 20 times.

Jilian Plastic PET bottles are widely used in the packaging of various liquid products worldwide. PET bottles come in a variety of shapes, weights, colors and sizes, as well as “features” for hot-filled liquids. Hot filling is the process of filling a product at high temperatures, whereby the product is package sterilized and has a longer shelf life. It is now possible to thermally fill new PET bottles without losing their shape or hardness. Hot-filled PET is suitable for sterilization or pasteurization of very important product packaging and therefore must be hot filled, including:

Juice and juice drinks
Iced tea and some “new age drinks”

The PET plastic (in particulate form) is dried to prevent moisture from interfering with the mechanical properties of the product.
The dried PET is melted in the extruder, mixed, and colored if necessary.
The molten PET is injected into a shape which is then cured to produce a solid preform.
The preform is removed from the mold, cooled, stored or shipped to the customer.

Bottles made from PET plastic can be:

One-step method

PET preforms are produced and blown into bottles on the same line.
Two-stage process

PET preforms are produced on separate lines and then blown into bottles on another machine.

The advantage of the two-stage process is higher throughput per unit time and the geographical distribution of preform and bottle production. Choosing Jilian Plastics, we are a China Pet Bottle manufacturer with a good reputation in the market. If you choose us, you will be able to get the comprehensive protection we provide for you.

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