Jilian Mold To Meet The Needs Of Customers Pet Preform

Jilian Plastic Mould is a famous China Pet Bottle mold manufacturer, a professional short-cycle mold designer, which can provide huge technical support for the development of short-cycle molds.
One of the important factors affecting the quality of the mold is the mold cooling system. The quality of the mold cooling system will directly affect the cycle time of the mold. Short cycle molds can make more products, in contrast, with longer cycles at the same level.
We can provide customers with short cycle molds. The key to shortening the cycle is the good design of the mold cooling system. Here, we share some tips on how to design short cycle molds;
1. Cool the water hole as much as possible and its diameter as large as possible;
2. The distance between the cooling water hole and the surface of the cavity (core) is the same;
3. Strengthen cooling at the gap;
4. Reduce the difference between cooling water and ou;
5. The cooling water hole is away from the weld seam;
6. Easy to clean;
7. The seal is good and stable.
A good quality Pet Preform mold should be equipped with a complete cooling system. We are committed to designing short cycle molds and providing high quality injection molds to meet customer needs.

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Jilian Mold Provides High Quality China Pet Bottle

A mold designed with a hot runner manifold and a secondary hot runner is called a hot runner mold.

Hot runner Pet Preform mold example

(1) Hot runner mold structure fed through a point gate. It is only suitable for single cavity molds and is limited by the gate location.

2) The end face participates in the hot runner mold structure of injection molding. It is suitable for single cavity molds, but gate marks will remain on the part surface. The end face of the hot runner is machinable.

(3) The hot runner/cold runner mold structure has some conventional runner features. This structure can produce multiple plastic parts at the same time, but it will produce some cold material.

In addition to the open gate hot runners described above, people are now choosing valve gate hot runners to produce advanced products.
What is a valve hot runner?

The hot runner and manifold are mounted in an injection mold and then heated to maintain fluidity of the plastic material from the barrel. As a result, the product gate appears to be in direct contact with the nozzle. Therefore, when the product is released, the gate is closed by the action of the needle valve. Therefore, the application of one or more cold runners is avoided, enabling waste-free production.

Jilian Plastic Mould is a China Pet Bottle manufacturer with rich experience. We are constantly learning advanced technology at home and abroad in the production of pet prefabricated parts. We welcome interested customers to contact us. I believe we can definitely bring you Come to the satisfaction of the service.

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How To Improve The Life Of Pet Preform?

Product quality is always the most important factor in a product. Competition in the manufacturing industry is becoming more and more fierce, and the ability to provide more and more short-term, high-efficiency, low-consumption and personalized high-quality products for manufacturing customers has become a sign of corporate competitiveness.
The Pet Preform mold is called the father of the industry; the quality of the mold will directly affect a serious part of the product quality, including replacement of quality cycle, production, production cost of new and old products, product structure adjustment speed and market competitiveness. .
Improve mold quality:
1. First, the design should be reasonable and the best structure should be selected as soon as possible.
2. The most important step is that the mold design is to improve the quality of the mold, and many factors need to be considered, including the choice of mold materials, the usability and safety of the mold structure, the Mach ability of the mold parts and the convenience of mold maintenance, all of which should Be considered.
3. The mold manufacturing process is an important part of ensuring the quality of the mold. The processing method and processing precision are indispensable in the mold manufacturing process and affect the life of the mold.
Jilian Plastics from Taizhou is a well-known China Pet Bottle manufacturer. Our products are low cost and high quality, which is your reliable choice.

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How To Insert The Pet Preform

Insert molding is an integrated plastic product that is used to mold metal parts, electromechanical parts, and other discrete parts into a mold and then inject plastic into the mold. Insert molding is now very popular, especially for electrical products, which requires the addition of copper nuts to the product.
Steps for inserting Pet Preform:
1. Load a custom mold. The insert is then placed into the mold by hand or robot.
2. The molten plastic is injected into the mold.
3. After the product has cooled, remove it from the mold.
4. The product is separated from the gate and inspected.

Advantages of insert molding:
Reduce assembly and labor costs
The manufacturing steps are reduced by insert molding. Thereby reducing costs.
Reduce size and weight
By eliminating fasteners and connectors, combined with the physical strength of the resin and metal inserts, insert molding can produce smaller and lighter products.
Improve reliability
Because each component is tightly held in a thermoplastic, the insert molded plastic product prevents loosening, misalignment, and other problems. Thermoplastic resins also provide improved impact and vibration resistance.

Jilian Plastic Mould is a China Pet Bottle manufacturer with rich experience. If you are interested in this aspect or have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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Reliable China Pet Bottle

For the bottle manufacturing company, the most important thing is the blowing machine, which can complete the business and make a profit through the blowing machine.

A high-quality machine will bring honor to the company, and a bad choice will bring disaster to the future of the company.

Compared with other companies in the industry, you can use the best Pet Preform blow molding machine with Jilian mold.

Our PET bottle making machines have a first-class quality guarantee as it meets European standards. We offer you universal blowers with variable production speeds, which are manufactured for the production of ultra-flexible bottles. The neck size of the bottle ranges from 18 mm narrow neck bottles to 120 mm wide mouth bottles.

Before we build a deal, we listen to all of our customers’ needs and provide them with solutions based on their business needs. This is the key to our customer satisfaction over the years.

Our products have some of the best features, such as low maintenance costs, the ability to run continuously for longer, high efficiency, and the ability to optimize return on investment.

Needless to say, these machines are also highly regarded for their design theory, which is the best in the industry. Many customers also choose us because the design factors of the machine will make their production site look good. We not only provide reliable equipment, but also produce reliable China Pet Bottle. Customers who are in need are welcome to contact us.

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China Pet Bottle Manufacturers Welcome You To Choose

Want to know how much it costs to inject a Pet Preform mold? This is one of the most important issues, really. However, the answer is not as simple as it seems. Just like buying a car, a new computer, or even a pair of shoes, the options and prices will vary depending on the level of detail and detail. good news? Although the mold is the most expensive part of the process, once you buy it, you have built your own business model for the low cost of each product for many years to come.

Although you may want to find the cheapest mold, please keep the following in mind before purchasing:

The mold is made of two materials: aluminum or steel. Aluminum molds are the lower price of the two molds, which may be a good choice if you don’t need long-term use of the mold or produce a large number of parts. Hardened steel molds have a longer production life and produce higher quality parts, higher quality and longer running times, bringing you more benefits. Consider the volume you need to create, the length of time you plan to create a product with each mold, and the consistency you want the product to maintain. Although aluminum has a place in the market and is definitely a cheaper option, if you have to change it as soon as possible, it may cost you even more in the long run.

The complexity of the parts you make plays a big part in the total cost of the mold. Factors such as the material you will use in your mold, the number of cavities required, and the type of mold base will affect the cost of the entire mold. However, manufacturing your product with a higher grade mold will result in a higher quality product that will only build your customer confidence and reputation.

Long-term consideration
If the cost of quality molds is a stumbling block, consider the long-term prospects. The amortization of the mold after many years of use is a good way to break down the price and understand how it affects the price of the part. Suppose you choose a high quality steel mold and it costs 30,000 yuan. When you break it down in three years, you create 400,000 parts during this time; the annual cost is only $10,000. Even better, the cost of each mold you produce is less than 0.08 yuan! This is very valuable.

Providing a wealth of information about your products and needs to the China Pet Bottle mold manufacturer, Jilian Mold, is the key to getting the best cost estimate. While the initial cost may be higher than your expectations for high quality molds, the end result of your product will pay off in the next few years.

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Understand The Blow Molding Of Pet Preform

It is important to understand the Pet Preform blow molding process so that you can successfully design and manufacture the parts or products you want. Ideally, you will end up with a high quality product that is efficiently created with as little waste as possible.

What is blow molding?

This process is used to make plastic hollow parts (such as bottles and containers) where air pressure fills the mold cavity with soft plastic.

Blow molding is divided into two steps:

First, a starting tube (called a parison) of molten plastic is produced.
Next, inflate the tube to the desired final shape, cool it, and release it from the mold.

Blow molding materials and products

Blow molding is limited to thermoplastics:

Polyethylene – the most commonly used polymer. In particular, high density and high molecular weight polyethylene (HDPE and HMWPE) provide the hardness required for the finished product, making the use of these materials more economical.
Polypropylene (polypropylene)
Polyvinyl chloride
Polyethylene terephthalate

Blow molding project design process

A well-designed design is critical to creating a finished product that meets your exact needs while saving manufacturing costs. Here is a brief overview of the design steps to bring your product to life:

Create a model of the part. The store team created a 3D drawing with a CAD program, which allowed you to see your product accurately before making a physical mold.
Design and manufacture molds. The attention to detail in the design phase ensures ease of production and efficiency.
Run a quality check. After the design and mold making are approved, your work begins. Throughout the process, the blow molding team conducts intensive inspections on a regular basis to monitor quality, reliability and consistency.

If you are considering using blow molding technology to produce your next product, then contact Gillian Plastics now. We are a professional China Pet Bottle manufacturer. Welcome to leave a message and inquire.

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The Method Of Reducing The Cost Of Pet Preform

Choose the right material

Consider the application of your Pet Preform parts. Can you use low-end polymers and less additives? Special additives and resins will increase your material costs. Finding the simplest and most viable solution is still suitable for the last part of the application.
Evaluation customization

If you want to save, you can minimize the amount of customization of the molded part. This may include surface textures, stamps or color dyes. These aesthetics work well, but are they absolutely necessary? This is one of the easiest ways to lose weight.
Make full use of home molds

You can reduce the cost per piece by producing more parts. You can also create a mold that fits multiple parts together, as long as they are relatively similar in size and material. If you think about it, the more parts you can take out of the mold at a time, the faster you can produce, and the fewer cycles the mold will need to go through. This is maximizing efficiency.
Cooperation with Chinese pet bottle manufacturers

The shorter the production cycle, the faster the final product will be delivered and the more orders will be placed. Transferring production from overseas to domestic production is indeed one of the smartest and easiest ways to reduce production time and bring goods to customers faster. China Pet Bottle manufacturers also have additional benefits that are well worth the trust and support of others and will not disappoint you.

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Mass Production Of Pet Bottle Preform

The advent of blow molding machines has greatly facilitated our daily life. For every Pet Preform manufacturer, the daily maintenance and inspection of blow molding machines is very important:

1 no feed level added; several cases need to be checked;

Did you not expect the hopper, if it is: need to hurry

No: Please check if the hoist control contactor is energized. If it is energized, check that the motor is energized and loaded because the preform (embryo) may get stuck. The easiest way to belt is to help improve manually.

If the control contactor of the hoist is not energized, check that the preform is detecting that the electric eye is not on the same line as the reflector.

2 feeding the old card feeding tray: This situation is a headache. From an empirical point of view, this phenomenon is relatively small if the length of the preform (embryo) is relatively long and the cutting weight is large.

3 After the bottle is blown out, it cannot be taken out of the mold.

First, the mold should be opened and the mold should be opened and closed manually. If it is normal, please run in the dry running state, if it is normal.

Please check the exhaust time setting. If the exhaust is set up properly and it will fail every time you blow the bottle, you can judge the problem with the exhaust valve. Please open the exhaust valve to check the spring and seal. There is also a phenomenon in which the exhaust sound is relatively large or the sound is not good.

If you are experiencing a large number of Pet Bottle Preform, and occasionally come over this mold can not open the mold, please check if there is a screw inside the lock pin, in addition, please check if the clamping force is too large, if it is too large, it should be re-standard Adjustment.

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5-gallon Pet Preform To Choose Gillian Mold

Plastics, also known as polymers, come in a wide variety. They are composed of different elements such as hydrogen, chlorine, oxygen and nitrogen. They also have high molecular weight.

Manufacturing plastics are often designed to mimic the ingredients of natural materials such as wood.

They are made by the conversion of natural products. Sometimes they are made up of natural chemicals, petroleum or basic chemicals in coal.
Manufacturing custom Pet Bottle Preform parts

Producing custom plastic parts usually follows a series of events. The only difference is that the main manufacturing stage is based on the geometry of the plastic part.

Their actual requirements are also considered.

One idea of ​​how to make plastic parts from plastic injection molding is crucial.

Once you have learned the basics of production, these steps become relatively easy.

Here’s a general idea of ​​how to make custom plastic parts.
Propose a design

It is important that you design a design for the custom plastic part you want to create.

First draw a design sketch on a piece of paper.

In the end, your sketch should have enough detail so you can draw its 3D model.

If you don’t have this skill, please ask a professional to help.

This is also a phase in which the main changes happen to make the product achievable.

Presenting a design to a team of experts will greatly help you achieve your goals. If possible, ask a manufacturing technical expert to help complete your design.
Decide which plastic molding process is best for the design

There are different molding methods for making plastics. Custom injection molding is arguably the most popular technology.

Plastic injection molding is used to produce plastic parts using a simple mold opening and closing function.

The process you choose will depend on the different variables. These include your initial design, the number of parts required, and the overall use of the product.
Build prototype

This will increase your total expenses, but developing a prototype like a final product will be a huge help.

In the long run, prototypes can also avoid wasting time and resources.

There are tons of prototype tools that can be used to make custom plastic parts, such as resin prototype machines.

Building a prototype will allow you to fix problems that may not be apparent in the 3D model of your design.

It also determines the efficiency and functionality of the final product.

If you have the methods and tools to make your custom plastic parts, make them the way you choose.

Otherwise, find a plastics manufacturing company to help you get the job done.

Some companies only produce custom plastic parts. Others participate in the packaging and shipping process throughout the process.

In the end, choose the company that best suits your needs.

Jilian Plastic is the reliable mold manufacturer you can trust. We can customize 5-Gallon Pet Preform for you. Welcome to contact us!

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