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Mass Production Of Pet Bottle Preform

The advent of blow molding machines has greatly facilitated our daily life. For every Pet Preform manufacturer, the daily maintenance and inspection of blow molding machines is very important:

1 no feed level added; several cases need to be checked;

Did you not expect the hopper, if it is: need to hurry

No: Please check if the hoist control contactor is energized. If it is energized, check that the motor is energized and loaded because the preform (embryo) may get stuck. The easiest way to belt is to help improve manually.

If the control contactor of the hoist is not energized, check that the preform is detecting that the electric eye is not on the same line as the reflector.

2 feeding the old card feeding tray: This situation is a headache. From an empirical point of view, this phenomenon is relatively small if the length of the preform (embryo) is relatively long and the cutting weight is large.

3 After the bottle is blown out, it cannot be taken out of the mold.

First, the mold should be opened and the mold should be opened and closed manually. If it is normal, please run in the dry running state, if it is normal.

Please check the exhaust time setting. If the exhaust is set up properly and it will fail every time you blow the bottle, you can judge the problem with the exhaust valve. Please open the exhaust valve to check the spring and seal. There is also a phenomenon in which the exhaust sound is relatively large or the sound is not good.

If you are experiencing a large number of Pet Bottle Preform, and occasionally come over this mold can not open the mold, please check if there is a screw inside the lock pin, in addition, please check if the clamping force is too large, if it is too large, it should be re-standard Adjustment.

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5-gallon Pet Preform To Choose Gillian Mold

Plastics, also known as polymers, come in a wide variety. They are composed of different elements such as hydrogen, chlorine, oxygen and nitrogen. They also have high molecular weight.

Manufacturing plastics are often designed to mimic the ingredients of natural materials such as wood.

They are made by the conversion of natural products. Sometimes they are made up of natural chemicals, petroleum or basic chemicals in coal.
Manufacturing custom Pet Bottle Preform parts

Producing custom plastic parts usually follows a series of events. The only difference is that the main manufacturing stage is based on the geometry of the plastic part.

Their actual requirements are also considered.

One idea of ​​how to make plastic parts from plastic injection molding is crucial.

Once you have learned the basics of production, these steps become relatively easy.

Here’s a general idea of ​​how to make custom plastic parts.
Propose a design

It is important that you design a design for the custom plastic part you want to create.

First draw a design sketch on a piece of paper.

In the end, your sketch should have enough detail so you can draw its 3D model.

If you don’t have this skill, please ask a professional to help.

This is also a phase in which the main changes happen to make the product achievable.

Presenting a design to a team of experts will greatly help you achieve your goals. If possible, ask a manufacturing technical expert to help complete your design.
Decide which plastic molding process is best for the design

There are different molding methods for making plastics. Custom injection molding is arguably the most popular technology.

Plastic injection molding is used to produce plastic parts using a simple mold opening and closing function.

The process you choose will depend on the different variables. These include your initial design, the number of parts required, and the overall use of the product.
Build prototype

This will increase your total expenses, but developing a prototype like a final product will be a huge help.

In the long run, prototypes can also avoid wasting time and resources.

There are tons of prototype tools that can be used to make custom plastic parts, such as resin prototype machines.

Building a prototype will allow you to fix problems that may not be apparent in the 3D model of your design.

It also determines the efficiency and functionality of the final product.

If you have the methods and tools to make your custom plastic parts, make them the way you choose.

Otherwise, find a plastics manufacturing company to help you get the job done.

Some companies only produce custom plastic parts. Others participate in the packaging and shipping process throughout the process.

In the end, choose the company that best suits your needs.

Jilian Plastic is the reliable mold manufacturer you can trust. We can customize 5-Gallon Pet Preform for you. Welcome to contact us!

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Jilian Mold Provides A Full 5-gallon Pet Preform

Anyone in the pet bottle preform manufacturing service market wants to solve this problem in order to find a solution that best helps them achieve their overall goals.

Therefore, understanding the needs of customers, from the very beginning, allows you to best position yourself as a PET bottle manufacturer, in fact giving your business a chance to fight in a crowded market.

The customer wants to know:

Whether buying PET bottles locally or overseas. Although bottles are much cheaper overseas, there is still a lot of shipping costs to consider.
What type of plastic is used by the manufacturer to produce the bottle. This is notified by the intended use of the bottle
Does the manufacturer provide a seal for the bottle? If so, what types of closures are available? If not, where will it be closed?
What to buy, ready-made or custom bottles
What is the minimum order quantity of the bottle?
Is the manufacturer able to print and/or mark the bottle according to the customer’s requirements?
Whether the manufacturer can meet the legal requirements and industry standards for the production of certain types of bottles
If the bottle does not meet the quality requirements or the batch fails to deliver on time, they can choose the option
What is the record and reputation of the manufacturer in the market?

If you are still not sure how to find a manufacturer that will satisfy you, then the Jilian mold from Huangyan, Taizhou is a good choice for you. We can save you more troubles and the types of products we offer. It is also very comprehensive, from 5-Gallon Pet Preform to caps, I believe you can always find the right one for you.

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The Disadvantages Of Injection Molding 5-gallon Pet Preform

The actual pressure should be higher than the entire chamber pressure. During the injection of the Pet Bottle Mould, the mode control pressure rises sharply and eventually peaks. The peak is the usual injection pressure. The injection pressure is significantly higher than the full chamber pressure.
Pressure-preserving effect: After filling the cavity with plastic, the gate is completely cooled to the front, and the plastic in the mold still needs high pressure support, that is, pressure protection. The specific effects are as follows:
1. Prior to closing the gate, replenish the amount of material near the gate location and reverse the flow to the gate source at the residual pressure of the unhardened plastic in the cavity.
2. Prevent parts from shrinking and reduce air bubbles.
3. Reduce the excessive injection pressure of the part, resulting in viscous cracking or bending deformation. Therefore, the pressure is usually 50% to 60%. It takes too long to maintain pressure or injection pressure. The cold material on the gate and gate can be squeezed to bring the cold spot closer to the gate. Its cycle is very long.
Injection speed control
Speed ​​effect: Low-speed filling has the advantages of stable flow, stable part size, small fluctuation, small internal stress and good internal and external stress consistency. The disadvantage is that the parts are prone to melting point marks, water marks and the like. High speed filling can use lower injection pressure to improve the gloss and smoothness of the product. Seams and delamination were found, shrinkage depressions were smaller, and the color was more uniform.
However, in fact, the injection molding technology still has certain shortcomings, high temperature rise, yellow, poor exhaust, and sometimes difficult to demould. High viscosity plastics can cause melt fracture and fogging on the surface of the workpiece, which also increases the tendency of the wing to break due to internal stress and along the thick portion of the joint. So if you want to make or choose a 5-gallon Pet Preform, then the Jilian mold will be a good choice for you, and we are very mature in the technical aspects of product production.

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Injection Molding Pet Bottle Preform

Most everyday products have never been thought of by laymen. Usually, almost every item is made of plastic, glass, metal and rubber. No matter how different the materials are produced, the process remains the same – injection molding. Of all these building materials, the most common is plastic. Jilian Plastic Mould is an injection molding expert with many experienced plastic molds. We provide a full range of preform products for customers all over the world. Our 5-Gallon Pet Preform have a large capacity and are a good choice for liquids.
The evolution of the plastic injection molding industry
Currently, nearly 30 million tons of plastic are produced every day. The importance of plastic as a building material lies in its high availability; nearly 60,000 variants of this material are currently produced.
However, the boom in injection molding technology began with the innovation of resins such as styrene, K resin and nylon 6 / 6. Another factor driving the development of this molding technology is the manufacture of UV inhibitors and different additive colors.
In the 1980s, with the development of horizontal injection molding machinery, plastic materials were valued. With the advent of high-end vertical molding machines and hybrid molding systems, it is possible to manufacture plastic products with unimaginable contours and tight dimensional tolerances. In the past, the process of forming was daunting, causing several damages. However, technological advances such as robotic control and hydraulics have helped the process become more secure.
How does the plastic molding industry become better?
Despite the miracle of plastic injection molding, the process was attacked by several green revolutionaries because of the materials used. However, a large portion of income and energy is used to make plastics more environmentally friendly.
With a fruitful attempt to make plastic recycling possible, the entire injection molding process becomes efficient. The development of high strength thermoset polymers helps to improve durability. Several pet bottle molds are made of thermoset polymers to increase their strength and high temperature resistance.
In addition to injection molding, one of the most common techniques for making hollow Pet Bottle Preform is blow molding. At present, innovative plastics are introduced to make the precision and precision tolerances of the final product possible.

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China Pet Bottle Manufacturers Are Worth Choosing

One of the most commonly used tools today is the mold. It is becoming increasingly popular due to its use and advantages for many industries. These molds can be used one or more times. In fact, permanent molds are designed to create uniform objects. Now you must know what is the pre-formed mold charge? They are equipment or tools used to understand the quality of preformed molds. If a 5-gallon Pet Preform mold is well designed, but its size is not good, how can it be considered a perfect mold?
Today, preforming is a molding technique used to make bottles. They are often favored by commercial and domestic customers because they offer many benefits. The demand for bottles is increasing, so the method of manufacturing the bottles should also increase. The preforming used to make the bottles involves various steps to create a perfect bottle that meets the customer’s requirements. The molding machine may differ from the Prefrom manufacturer. These machines are mainly used to determine size, shape, and the like. If there is any problem with the molding machine, this is really a big problem for pre-formed mold manufacturers. Therefore, all problems must be solved immediately in order to create a perfect bottle. All in all, it can be said that the preforming machine must be in good condition in order to get the best results. Jilian Plastic Mould is a China Pet Bottle manufacturer that is worthy of the world’s customers. In addition to providing various molds, we also provide equipment and solutions. Welcome to choose us!

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Two-Color Pet Preform Mould Making

The difference between over mold and two-color injection mold: over mold refers to first molding a part and then inserting it into another Pet Preform Mould to become a new part.
Two-color includes independent two-color and mixed two-color: Independent two-color refers to two colors made on one machine, usually by moving the cover mold (by flipping the mold). A double mold requires two sets of molds, two sets of the same cavity, and two sets of different covers. The two sets of formwork are interchangeable; mixing two colors requires only one set of molds and a dedicated plastic machine, which is an attachment to two separate nozzles and independently controls the injection parameters of each nozzle.
Mixed two-color injection molding process:
The main injection unit is mounted in the center of the fixed platen. The side injection device is mounted vertically on the mainframe at a certain oblique angle, which makes full use of the space without occupying a large floor space.
The main injection unit and the side injection unit can be separately controlled and produce mixed color products according to different requirements.
Various combinations of main injection unit and side injection unit of different specifications to meet customer needs and achieve sandwich injection molding of various materials
China Pet Bottle injection molding machine with high standard configuration.
Double cylinder balanced injection structure
Four-stage setting of injection speed, pressure and position
Three-stage setting of pressure-bearing material feeding speed, pressure, position
Injection position monitoring function
Injection position scale control
Screw cold start prevention function
There are three options for seating

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Thin Wall 5-Gallon Pet Preform Products

High-speed thin-wall Pet Preform injection molding services require suppliers to have high-speed injection molding machines, good cooling thin-wall molds, skilled wall injection molding adjustment workers, and stable production environments. Jilian mold with many years of experience in thin-wall injection molding, want to introduce our good experience, and hope that you can become our next customer.
Thin-walled products require high-speed injection molding machines, which should be characterized by high speed, high pressure, short time, precision and stability. However, brand-name high-speed injection molding machines are very expensive, so it is not suitable for new customers who have just entered the field. It is also recommended that professional customers use our high-speed injection molding machines. The machine configuration of Jilian mold is of a high standard. We combine German high-speed machine technology to improve performance.
High speed also requires high speed injection molds. Our cooling design is the best, we design the largest possible. For thin-walled molds, we will add copper matte to the top of the core. We use DIN 1.2316 as the core and cavity and we can provide a mold steel certificate.
Thin-wall injection molding is our popular product. We manufacture thin-walled boxes of many sizes, from 100 ml to 1,5 l, and can be 0.45 mm thick. We have designed the right mold design and we will consider using less material, but the product is better.
If you want to produce your own thin-walled 5-gallon Pet Preform product, be sure to contact Gianlian Mold, I believe we will not let you down.

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China Pet Bottle Mold Maintenance Information

How to maintain a Pet Bottle Preform mold? This is very important for customers who purchase mold and mold suppliers. Mold maintenance is one of the important factors that affect mold life and mold production quality.
As a mold maintenance, it can be divided into two types: daily maintenance and protection technology.
Daily maintenance
Check and clean the two parting surfaces.
Connect and test the CO2 drain channel on the seal shroud.
The heating system is measured under high pressure indication.
The measuring action of the slider and the stripper fixing plate.
Protection technology.
Check and clean the two parting surfaces.
Clean the venting groove.
Connect and test the cooling channels on the seal shroud.
Check and repair tool pop-up system.
Inspection of the tool parting surface joint.
Improve the tightness of the guide and the lubricant.
The cooling channels are cleaned with a clean, hygienic liquid, then the residue is aspirated with an air gun and dried through a hot air.
If you would like to know more about the maintenance of China Pet Bottle molds, please feel free to contact me.

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Jilian Plastic Mold Pet Bottle Mould Professional And Reliable

Jilian Plastic Mould is a professional plastic Pet Bottle Mould manufacturer. How can it be called a professional plastic mold manufacturer? Because we manufacture many different types of plastic molds, from everyday molds to high-standard molds, we offer high-quality products for a variety of different types of manufacturers.
Professional plastic mold manufacturers should have high standards of processing equipment. We have more than 8 sets of CNC centers and the largest CNC machine tools.
Huangyan is the largest hometown of plastic molds. And we are in such a mold town, with strong strength and high visibility, so we can guarantee the quality of the mold.
Our factory has more than 500 workers to serve your mold. The team includes sales departments who provide you with pre-sales services that provide you with rough information on:
The pricing department, he can provide budget prices and work with you. The project department is responsible for tracking mold production time.
The control department is responsible for carefully checking the quality of the mold.
All the staff of Jilian Plastics know that the quality of Pet Bottle Preform is the highest requirement. So we try our best to provide the best mold. We also offer injection molding machines, and we can choose to make it easy for our customers to build production lines and save costs.
If you think we are a professional plastic mold manufacturer, please contact me for more information.

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